Are you looking for the perfect scrubs?

Are you looking for the best-fitting women's scrub tops? Want to know if you should get cute scrub tops? Well, we’ve got all the answers & more, just for you!

Nurses now have loads of women scrub tops to choose from. There are many cute scrub tops, and they come in all sorts of colors and designs. However, the best-fitting scrubs will vary from person to person. The fashion industry has significantly influenced women's scrub tops, and thus, you have many options for your nursing uniform- in fact, some might even say too many options. And that means dressing up for work can feel harder than the actual work because you don't know what to wear! 

You want to stand out but not stick out. At the same time, you also kind of want to blend in- we get it! So, worry no more because we’ve got you’re back!

How to Choose the Best Women Scrub Tops?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hoards of options available on the web and otherwise, here’s a complete guide to help you choose the best fitting scrubs for hassle-free workdays.

Check the Dress Code

Before you think of getting a cute scrub top, you should first take some time to check the rules of the hospital or health center that you're working at. Do they have a specific dress code? Are you supposed to wear a certain color? For instance, some institutions mandate wearing particular colored scrubs based on your assigned ward or nursing level. However, if there are no restrictions in terms of the dress code, you can start to look at the different printed and solid women scrub tops.

Express Your Individuality or Impress Your Patients

Your scrubs can be a great way for you to express your personality because you have a vast variety of different solid plus printed scrubs that you can choose to wear. Hence, you can opt for a top that perfectly matches your personality. In fact, you can even go for one of the cartoonish cute scrub tops if you work in the pediatric department to impress and connect with your patients! It’s actually a great idea to get them to feel comfortable around you. Wearing scrubs doesn’t mean you can’t look good too! So, printed tops can be great for you to express your inner fashionista at work. Plus, you can even accessorize with the multitude of options available here. Nevertheless, if you’re going for a more classic, professional look, then you should probably stick to solid scrub tops such as this one right here.

Make Comfort a Priority

Obviously, when skimming through lists and lists of women scrub tops, your number one priority should be comfort. The best-fitting scrubs will be the ones that you feel most comfortable in, both in terms of looks and otherwise.

Do you want pockets? Then go for scrubs with pockets like The Warm-Up Jacket scrub top!

Do you work with pediatrics? Well, then feel free to goof out with a cute scrub top such as a Winne the Pooh scrub top. The point is, you do you because you’re going to be wearing the scrub top all day, and so, your comfort should be the most important part.


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